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Enabing anyone to take part in game design, development and publishing:

  • to satisfy personal goals
  • for fun
  • to develop your artistic career
  • to push the boundaries of the art form
  • to be published and distributed on desktop and tablet computers

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We need your help!

We are fundraising for a great new project, called Carniville, working with young people to support them to make their own horror themed point-and-click adventure game.

We are applying to several funders to support the project. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need your help. Small amounts of funding from our local community and the wider gaming community are vital – it shows a breadth and depth of support for our work that the larger funders need to show them that the project is a good bet.


Our first app is out now!

google-play-badgeWell, not our app. It was written, designed, scored and coded by the young people we have been working with.

In a world where robots rule the land and humans are discarded, Binary Decoded follows the story of Pye, a fourteen year old who will discover her true identity.

app-store-badgeShe thinks she’s a new experimental robot, but her world is about to be flipped upside down, and she will find out her whole life has been a lie.

Will the authorities find her?

In this action packed interactive game, YOU WILL DECIDE!


Caveman Rogg

Children’s Interactive Picture Book

In Development / Fund Raising

Adventures in Interactive Storytelling


Literary Adventures

In Development / Fund Raising


In Development / Fund Raising

Project Partners

Team Members

Keith Phillips
Storytelling, App Development
Sherylee Anne Houssein
    David Cousens
    Dan John June
    Music, Sound Design
      Dan John June with Jimmy Carr