What We Do

appStoreLogosActivities, projects, events that enable anyone to produce illustrated, interactive ebooks and printed illustrated books.

This can be to satisfy personal or therapeutic goals, to develop your artistic career, to push the boundaries of the art form, or to be published and distributed on tablet computers.

Types of Projects

  • Interactive fantasy gamebooks, where the reader is the hero
  • Memory books
  • Interactive picture books for preschoolers
  • Activities and events exploring the limits of interactive storytelling and expanding the form

Art Forms

  • creative writing
  • illustration
  • voice performance
  • animation
  • games design
  • sound effects and soundscapes
  • music

Who We Work With

  • Schools and colleges
  • After school clubs, youth clubs, and other youth organisations
  • People for whom participating in a creative storytelling project might bring therapeutic benefit, e.g. the elderly, those suffering memory impairments, people with special needs, people with life limiting illnesses
  • Amateur artists, for whom the projects will have social benefits as well as creative and artistic
  • Novice artists with aspirations to be full time professional artists, for whom the projects will provide a supportive community as well as professional
  • Professional artists, for whom this would be an opportunity to explore and expand their arts form and find new creative and business partners and new markets