Binary: Decoded Privacy Policy

Digital Writes is a not-for-profit organisation. It has been incorporated as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) as a Company Limited by Guarantee. It has three independant unrelated directors. This ensures that all decisions are for the public good. Since the company is limited by guarantee it has no shareholders so no-one can benefit from any profits. Any and all profits must be used for work that are of benefit to the community within its Articles of Association.

Binary: Decoded and Binary: Decoded+ gather no personal data.

In fact Binary: Decoded and Binary: Decoded+ gather no data at all.

This policy is necessary since the game design software we use automatically asks for permission to access audio from the device. However, neither Binary: Decoded nor Binary: Decoded+ gather any such data.

If you have any concerns about Binary: Decoded or Binary: Decoded+ and their access to your personal data, please go to our Contacts page and send us a message. We will deal with your concern with the utmost urgency.