Character and Story

design the city – develop the lead character – outline the story

Commonweal PI Unit took on the challenging job of taking the development work (the post-its and the charts and drawings) from the Project Launch Event and turning it into a more detailed profile of the lead character and an outline for the story.

They split into groups for this, but, inevitably, there was a lot of back and forth between the character group and the story group.

Firstly, with visual inspiration from the internet, they developed The World a little further:

architecture with a modernist design: glass and steel
with parks and so on, but all completely artificial: even the parks are Astroturf and the trees are made from artificial materials
the inhabitants are a mixture of androids and humans, with the androids being the higher class and the humans lower

The Main Character

They took their key inspiration from The Girl with the Galaxy in her Hair from the Launch Event.

Main Character
taken in by an android couple and raised as their own: as an android
so she thinks she is an android (at some point she and the player will have to discover the truth!)
so she thinks she is high class, when she is really low. (will make some great dramatic problems later on)
Androids have numbers
She is PI31415, Pye for short.

goes to forbidden places in the city looking for old stuff that she can make new tech out of.

The Story
Pye goes to back alleys and run down abandoned areas looking for scrap to make new tech out of.
then she’s caught in a forbidden place and banished from the city!

Mini Games
scavenging for scrap:
hidden object games where they player can help her find the stuff she needs
and then other games where the player has to help her assemble stuff to make the new tech.
She describes to the player what she needs, and the player can spot it for her.
But there’s a problem. There are patrolling security droids, so she only has limited time.

Back To The Story
So, at the end of this section, when she is banished, the only things she has to help her on this harsh planet are those things she managed to built from scavenged parts.

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