Dialogue and Soundscape

record dialogue – add post-production effects – create soundscapes for scenes

Sam and Crowdys teacher Mr Mercer worked together on sound. Firstly they to reviewed and selected sound effects from our selection to create a library of sound effects for the game.

Then they thought carefully about Pye’s Workshop – it’s location and surroundings – and built up a soundscape to give that scene an intense atmosphere.

We held a big, all-day workshop where many of the young people got together to work on scripting, illustration design, performance and recording, sound design, coding and marketing.

One small team worked with Dan to perform and record the dialogue.

Thamires gave a brilliantly emotive performance as Pye.

And Iona was chilling as the voice of the emotionless RestructorBot – especially once they had applied some crafty post-production effects.

The same group also worked with Dan to create the amazing, bleak background sounds for the Junkyard scene, layering textures and sound effects.

As a result of collaborating and cross-referencing, the resulting soundscape perfectly matched the junkyard illustration designs produced by other young people in the illustration design suite down the corridor.

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