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A Moral Paradox – The Concept

A Founding Team

The concept for A Moral Paradox was born in a small creative writing and drawing club at Lydiard Park Academy in Swindon.

We approached them with the idea devising a project to write, illustrate and publish an interactive novel or gamebook. Our reasoning for suggesting a gamebook was that this form would enable many young writers and artists from across Swindon to collaborate on a single full-lengh book, which could be properly published.

One of our guiding principles is to put young people at the core of devising their projects, so we asked them what they would like to do.


They were really excited about the idea of doing a gamebook, and, after some deep discussions, they decided it should be pure fantasy, with dragons and elves and magic and so on.

Story Concept

Lauren brought a design for a dragon which she called Paradox. She called him Paradox because she had an idea that he would change depending on what choice the player/protagonist makes as they read the book.

The group talked about this idea and decided decided they should definitely adopt it.


This group worked with our creative writing tutor, Keith, on the funding application to the Arts Council, explaining their interest in writing and drawing, and saying how much this project would mean to them.

They also made audio recordings of their thoughts on doing the project. Keith and Workshop Leader, Keira, took these recordings and edited them together and then animated their illustrations to make them lip-sync with the audio. The resulting video is below. It was the main video on our Crowdfunding campaign.