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An Encounter in the Elf Village

25 November 2020

We had another incredibly creative session this time.

We had previously planned out the encounter with Jelf in the woods, but now we needed to decide whether you, the protagonist, will visit the Elf Village proper.

To make that decision, we realised we needed to delve deeper into your motivation. Why have you emarked on this journey?

After some discussion, the group decided most natural motivation is that you’re trying to get Paradox back home.

Sketch of Paradox the Dragon when he was young – by Lauren

But this raised even more questions. How can you do this? What do the Wizards know about this dragon and where it lives? And why doesn’t Paradox know where he’s from?

The group decided that the Wizards know very little about dragons. And Paradox doesn’t know much about what happened to him because he was washed down on a flash flood. However, the people in Aqualon know a lot more, because these dragons come from near this area. Whilst talking about this, the group realised that you could later use the green potion from the previous workshop to help heal Paradox.

So the group decided you will go to the Elf Village so see the Elder to see if they knew anything.

On the way to the Elf Village, you meet Jelf, which the group worked out on a previous workshop. You know about The Elder and ask Jelf if he thinks they might be able to help. Jelf says The Elder is very wise and knowledgeable.

The Elder

Ivori, an inhabitant of the Ice Castle, by Lucy

The Elder has a name (to be decided), but everyone just uses their title. They are somehow aloof from the normal world and so are non-binary.

The protagonist can either visit The Elder or look round the village, talk to residents and visit the magic fountains which contain the coloured potions the group invented on the last workshop.

Given everything that’s been happening with the floods, The Elder is reluctant to trust you. If you have already found it, you can use the Blue Potion to make them trust you, but this costs you on your Morality Meter. Otherwise, The Elder gives you a series of moral puzzles which you need to solve to earn their trust. If you have previously spoken to residents, you will have clues to the right answers.

Once you win The Elder’s trust, they give you some information, and tell you about Ivori from the Ice Castle who should know more.

The Morality Meter

This is how you judge your progress through the game. You add points for moral decisions and take them away for an unscrupulous one.

If you finish the book with a negative score, you get the bad ending. If you finish with zero, you get a morally neutral ending. If you finish with a positive score, you get the good ending.

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