Audition Pack – An Original Character

FOLKLORE is a fictional mystery horror podcast that explores the strange and unusual events surrounding Wiltshire legends and folklore. The podcast follows host, Tamsin Wheatley, as she explores the contents of a series of cassette tapes featuring recordings by Professor Henry Kneale from the 1980s, and reinvestigates their contents now in 2020.

For a more detailed explanation, read the main page for this project. It might also be valuable to read the character bios for Wheatley and Kneale.

As well as these two protagonists, we’re looking for a host of interesting characters to people this world, to be the subjects of Kneale and Wheatley’s investigations, to be witnesses, to be folklore experts, or any intriguing locals …

The character

We are looking for creative characters that can shine within the general structure, themes and narrative arc of FOLKLORE. This is your creation.

To make sure they can work within what FOLKLORE is all about, we strongly recommend you use the links above to study the project as it has developed so far.

The actor

We’re looking for voice actors who would welcome the experience of a free place on this Arts Council funded project to excercise their talents.

For actors proposing an original character, we’re looking for people who can contribute knowledge and creativity as well as voice-acting skills.

You may have existing knowledge of some aspect of folklore or local legends or archaeology, or you may have an existing interest in the strange and unusual. You may be keen to do your own research. You may already be an original character yourself!

You should also be eager to work with us to develop the character’s script, to make their voice your own, and thus produce a genuinely believable performance.

To audition

Read the story below:

In 1535, King Henry VIII stayed at Wolfhall Manor in Burbage, Wiltshire. It was here that he met Jane Seymour, who would later become his ‘true wife’ and produce him a son and heir. It is said that following their wedding in London, Henry and Jane held a wedding feast in the barn at Wolfhall. Jane sadly passed away 12 days after giving birth to their son, Edward, and was laid to rest in Windsor, where Henry himself was later buried. Despite her dying in London, it is said that her ghost returned to her familial home and haunts the woods surrounding the manor. In the 1920s, the barn where they held their wedding feast was burned down and sightings of Jane Seymour became more prevalent. There are also reports of a headless horsewoman haunting the forest. A young woman was out for a ride when her horse bolted, and the young woman was decapitated by a low branch. Some people walk through the countryside to try and spot either of the ghosts, and a few locals report an unnerving sense of sadness whenever they visit the area. Young Henry Kneale visited Wolfhall Manor to try and see the ghosts for himself, and also managed to interview a few people who lived nearby, although he was unable to reach the owners of the house in the 1980s.

Write a short 1-2 minute monologue of your character telling Wheatley or Kneale about this tale, as if they are being interviewed. Is your character a believer? Do they want to help? Is there something they are hiding? Think about how you can get the character across in a short space of time.

Use the form below to tell us about the character you would like to create and portray.

Record your monologue and either send us a link where we can listen to it or download it (.wav or .mp3), or use the box to upload it to us.

If you have more than one character you want to present to us, you will need to send a separate form for each. Simply refresh your browser for each new character.

About you

About your character

If you can, please provide a link to your audition piece. This might be on your own website, a performance online somewehre, a YouTube video, or through a file sharing service such as WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox and so on.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Thank you for your interest in this project! We’re excited to hear what you have to offer!