1. About Surrealism

Before you can design and draw your own level for Paper Dreams, you need to understand what it’s all about.

And that’s Surrealism.

Click on the picture below to visit the Tate Gallery’s page on Surrealism For Kids.

Watch the video. Try some of the activities.


Surrealism is a lot to do with dreams.

Think about your own dreams. Have you had any weird dreams where the world didn’t work right and you just went from one weird thing to another? We all do.

  1. Think about the weirdest. Talk about it with your family or friends.
  2. Why not share it with us.
    1. You could do a drawing.
    2. Or you could write a list of words:
      • nouns: people and things and places;
      • verbs: actions, happenings
    3. Or you could even write the whole thing as a surreal story. And if you want to change it and make it even weirder, all the better! And if it doesn’t make sense, that’s even better. That’s what surrealism is all about!
    4. Use the form below to send it to us and we’ll post it on this page.

Submission of dreams is closed temporarily. Check back soon.

Review Paper Dreams

Now you know all about surrealism, why not download your free copy of the game.


Get your free copy of Paper Dreams (PC and Mac) now!

Writing A Review

Have a go at all the levels. Pick your favourite. Then use this handy guide to write your review.

  1. What’s the level called and who made it?
  2. What’s it about? What do you have to do?
  3. Describe the art style. What’s surreal about it?
  4. Why is it your favourite? What do you like about it?

If you’d like to post your review on our itch.io page, that would be amazing. You could also post your review in the comments section for that level. Click on Projects above and select Beyond Reality. Then scoll to the bottom of the page, find your chosen level and click on ‘Read more’. That’ll take you to the page for that level. At the bottom is a place where you can post your comments.