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Character Design

Paradox The Dragon
23 September 2020

In Lauren’s first design of Paradox the Dragon’s final form, the ‘good’ version was pure white and the ‘bad’ version was dark grey. Ms Urquhart wondered whether this colour scheme could be construed as having racial bias.

The team discussed this and decided to make some adjustments to the design.

Keira, whose role in Digital Writes includes equalities said that it’s good to talk about these issues, especially with the Black Lives Matter campaign going on at the moment.

Keira suggested replacing the dark grey with dark purple or dark green. Julia suggested dark purple since it is linked with corruption in fantasy works. Keira added that Disney villains are often really dark purple or really dark green.

Lauren worked on the designs during the workshop.

We discussed the good dragon. Ms Urquhart suggested rainbow, but Lauren said that was too ‘young’.

After some discussion, the team decided on purple and pale blue. You can see the final illustration above.

30 September 2020
Sketch of Paradox the Dragon when he was young – by Lauren

In discussing the opening scenes, Lauren revealed her conception that when the Protagonist first finds Paradox, it is young and about the size of a small dog, so you can hold it.