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Grimmreaper Speedrun


This is a small section of one of the levels in Carniville.

Bonnie finds herself in some kind of Underworld. The young person trapped in this world is a goth teenager and a big fan of retro-games, especially Castlevania. He thinks he’s the main boss – TheGrimmReaper666. Whereas this is actually his gamer name in real life. Bonnie’s mission in this world is to destroy all the skulls, and defeat the Lava Creatures using the Water Wand she found in The Pool Of Tears world.

This demo is a small section, set aside for speedrunning competition.

Download the Mac version or the PC version and see if you can beat the current record.

The Mac version is an .app file. To bypass OS X’s security, right-click on the file and choose Open.

The PC version is a .exe installer file.


A/D or LeftArrow/RightArrow to run. Spacebar or UpArrow to jump.

ESC to pause the game. This brings up the Menu with options to Resume, Restart or Quit.


When Bonnie dies, it kills her twice. Ooops. Will fix in the next update.

When the game starts, Bonnie is in the cave. The clock starts as soon as she leaves it, and stops when she enters to cave at the other end – but only if she has destroyed all the skulls. Hit Points don’t matter … as long as you make it to the other end alive!

Note: You don’t actually get to meet TheGrimmReaper666 in this demo. His stuff has a lot of dialogue, and that’s not conducive to speedrunning.

To register a score email keith@digitalwrites.org.uk with a screenshot of your final time. This should show the end cave with its fire barrier put out. (This’ll make sense when you play.)