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Fulmini: Mare Dominus

The Mare Dominus is native to Aqualon. They are as much at home in the water as in the air. They have electrical power similar to the elctric eel.

Valocanus Certerum

The Hydra that once stalked The Labyrinth. After being killed by the Flying Slickwing, the Ghost of the Hydra now prowls the Labyrinth, terrifying the already disorientated inhabitants.

Clover: Terra Viventium

The Terra Viventium is an earth dragon. She has power over plants and the earth and rocks.

Every plant and every part of nature is connected to her and she can feel it if plants are injured or dying. Because of this, she protects nature, but also helps the elves look after their environment. If the forest or the environment is harmed in any way, she feels it and comes to its rescue. On the other hand, she can also sense if the elves have a problem relating to the forest or their farm lands, and will come to their aid.

She is intelligent and friendly. She is fierce in defending nature. She likes the elves and enjoys helping them, but will choose nature over the elves if it comes to a conflict. Because in the end, everything depends on nature. Harsh but fair.

She spits some kind of acid or venom.

She lives in a cave half way up the cliff on the border to the Tundra on the way to Kryokinya.

Because of the Dragon Lord burning the ice lands and causing floods, she is facing the greatest challenge of her life!

The floods are too much for her. She wants to help protect the forest and the elf village, but she doesn’t have the power. The elves look up to her and she is reluctant to admit her weakness to them. To the Elves she is a strong and independent creature, though everyone has a weakness…

The elves don’t speak Draconian, and she doesn’t speak their language.

She knows the Protagonist can speak Draconian and she knows they’re from the magic school, so she thinks you might be able to help her.

Tremere: Crystallo Anguis

As described by Ivori, the Royal Advisor of Kryokinya:

The Crystallo Anguis is known as the ancient protector of our kingdom. Using several sources, I found in the Palace library, I have gathered information about some of its unique abilities; most prominently, it is able to release liquid from its mouth that freezes almost instantly, resulting in icicles forming on or around a target. The glowing purple crystals on its tail are said to have magical properties, although no one has yet been able to obtain one. Sadly, there have been fewer sightings recently. However, I have found from a reliable source (my friend Pasha), that the Crystallo Anguis has been seen beneath the depths of the frozen lake. If this is true, my guess is that it is perhaps in a hibernation of sorts. I do hope it wakes soon. I would love to see it for myself!