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The source of all magic in The Six Realms is Dragons.

Spells are cast by:

  • intuiting the essense of the relevant Dragon
  • tapping into the appropriate elements using associated materials
  • invoking the power using the Old Language

Air Magic

Magical Source: The Nimbus Volare or Cloud Dragon


Volito Demeo

Stage 1: Reducing weight or slowing a fall


  • Cloud Dragon breath, captured in a glass phial


“Volito demeo.”

Casting the spell:

You uncork your phial of Cloud Dragon breath and waft it around in the complex gesture you have taken years to master, and say out loud, “Volito Demeo.”

Earth Magic

Source: The Terra Viventium or Earth Dragon


Augmentum Floreo

The Plant Growth Spell.

Stage 1: Causing plants to quickly grow beyong their regular size


  • The very tip of a root from a Magnus Auxio plant, gathered on an intensely sunny spring day
  • Moss from the back of an Earth Dragon


“Augmentum floreo.”

Casting the spell:

Crush the Magnus Auxio Root Tip in your hands and cover them with the sap. Then take a pinch of Terra Viventium Moss and do the same. With this fluid coating your hands,  reach towards the vines and speak the words. “Augmentum Floreo!”

Fire Magic

Source: Incendium Volitans or Fire Dragon

These Dragons have vanished from The Six Realms. The professors of the Arcane Academy have only a dwindling supply of spell ingredients.


Spiritum Ignis

The Fire Breath Spell.

Stage 1: Causing a light warm breeze.


  • Fire Dragon breath, captured in a glass phial
  • A petal from a Fire Plant


“Da mitivirtutem draconis.”

Casting the Spell:

You open the Phial, drop in the Petal and then reseal it, saying “Concorporo,” to bind the ingredients. The Phial warms in your hand. You then uncork it again and watch as the Breath floats aimlessly around you. Then you begin the complex gestures to weave the Breath around you and/or whoever you are trying to warm up.

Water Magic

Source: Mare Dominus or Water Dragon

Ice Magic

Source: Crystallo Anguis or Crystal Dragon



The Fire Protective Umbrella Spell.

Stage 1: Causing a protective dome over your head, strong enough to repel small rocks but no more.


  • A Flos Praesidium or Protection Flower



Casting the Spell:

You hold the flower over your head and then call out the incantation. The flower then flies up onto the air, its petals spreading out to form a shimmering, crystalline looking dome.


  1. You learned this spell in the Arcane Academy?
  2. The Flos Praesidium is incredibly rare?
  3. Queen Annika gives you a single flower?
  4. It’s currently possible to complete the chapters in Kryokinya without using up the Flos Praesidium, so, in later chapters, writers must offer this spell as an option anywhere it makes sense (even if it ultimately fails), or explain to the player why it’s not a good option?

Lightning Magic

Source: Mare Dominus or Water Dragon