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Chapter 03: Jelf

You escape the Arcane Academy and head towards Arboria. On the border, you meet Jelf. He tells you about the Terra Viventium Dragon and The Elder Elf, both of whom who might be able to help you. He also helps you learn more fighting skills.

Chapter 02: A Daring Escape

A Paradox is locked up. You hate it, but you’re too worried about the Academy’s rules to do anything about it. But Professor Codex helps you take Paradox and escape.

Chapter 01: A Paradoxical Dragon

You are sent to try to stop river Arbor bursting its banks. But you find a strange baby Dragon, who you decide to call Paradox. But then one of your professors arrives and takes responsibility for the Dragon away from you.

Chapter Outlines

Participants Only

For project participants only.

The Realms

The geography and culture of the world in which your adventure will take place.


A guide to magic and spells in the world of A Moral Paradox


The various characters that you’ll meet in the world of A Moral Paradox


A bestiary of the Dragons that live in the Realm of A Moral Paradox

Theatre of the Air

Young storytellers, gamers, coders, writers and artists are working together to devise, write, illustrate and publish an interactive fantasy gamebook, both in print and online.