Paradox: Rewards Here's our first draft of our reward schedule. BARBEQUE: £2 Your name in the Acknowledgements Our grateful thanks DRAGON STABLEHAND: £5 One copy of the eBook edition of Paradox Your name in the Acknowledgements Our grateful thanks DRAGON RIDER: £10 Economy colour paperback copy of Paradox One copy of the eBook edition of [...]


WestWays is a satirical animated YouTube series set in a fictionalised version of Toothill in West Swindon. The short episodes are released monthly. They are relevant, punchy and very funny. WestWays is inspired by the hugely successful award-winning BBC3 mockumentary This Country, a satirical mock documentary set in the South Cerney area and made by [...]

Beyond Reality

Jump to "Levels" Jump to "Make Your Own Level" Inspired by the ideas, ideals and creative freedom of the Surrealist movement, primary age children authored and published their own artistically ambitious video game, called Paper Dreams. With the support of our professional artists, they developed an amazing a range of quirky characters and outlandish environments. [...]

Adventures in Interactive Storytelling

The Project We worked with 63 young people aged 11 - 19 from 3 schools to support them to create an interactive, illustrated gamebook for tablet and smartphone. Young people took part in plotting, writing, illustrating, app design and coding workshops. We had a diverse group of participants, so the workshops were targeted to their [...]



Children’s Interactive Picture Book

[tmq_gap size="20"] The Project Primary school children will write and illustrate an interactive picture book, either for younger children or their peers. They will be supported by a team of professional writers, artists and musicians, and the finished book will be published on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Status In development.