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Pye’s Secret Workshop

mindmap ideas for pye’s workshop – design and draw the background – design and draw items for hidden object game

Over a series of workshops, everyone agreed that Pye would store her collected junk and make her gadgets in a Secret Workshop.

But where should it be?

It could just be an ordinary room in her home. Or it could be a secret base somewhere in the derelict part of the city.

Crowdys thought it should be a secret room in her home. They thought Androids would each have a charging pod instead of sleeping in a bed like humans. So, like people hide things under their beds, they imagined Pye would have built a secret door at the back of her charging pod, leading to her Secret Workshop.

Commonweal and Lydiard liked this idea, so Crowdys brainstormed what tools and inventions Pye might have in her Workshop and put them in a mindmap. And Commonweal and Lydiard added a few of their own.


Commonweal also did some mind mapping of inhabitants for their world.

Then began the work of designing the look of the Pye’s Workshop and the items that should be in it, remembering from the story developers that there would be a hidden object mini-game in the workshop.

They loved working with David. It was really exciting for them to see and recognise his published work and think he was there working with them. They immensely valued the help he was able to give them in developing their illustration skills.

The story teams had come up with the idea of hidden object mini-games for represent Pye scavenging for parts for the gadget building activities. So the design teams got to work drawing items to go in Pye’s workshop for the first mini-game.

This also gave everyone the opportunity to make an individual contribution to the illustrations.

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App Launch Event

pye cutout – lighting – venue decoration – game themed cakes – excited young people – proud parents – delighted funders – press


testing Kwik – accessible coding – mentoring ability

Dialogue and Soundscape

record dialogue – add post-production effects – create soundscapes for scenes

The Junkyard

research imagery – manipulate imagery to produce design

Story and Game Development

brainstorm ideas – talk them through – shape ideas – share with other groups – review – structure and flowchart – script

Design The City

discuss commonweal’s ideas for the city – research – print – cut and paste – mood board

Choosing a Voice

learn about using tenses and voices in creative writing – evaluate and discuss – choose a voice for our game

Character and Story

design the city – develop the lead character – outline the story

Project Launch Event

what is a gamebook – choose a genre – what is that genre about – create a world for your story – create a main character for your adventure

What is a Gamebook

find out about gamebooks – try some out – decide what ours should be