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Candy Land

Harry's Idea

Harry planned a dream in which everything is made from chocolate, the Player is a Skittle and their mission is to help a Candy Man (made from chocolate and candy canes) find his friends.

Candy Man

First he did some sketches for the Candy Man.

We used Adobe Character Animator to create Candy Man’s animations. To do this, Harry needed to make a puppet of the Candy Man in Photoshop, with separate arms, legs, head, eyes, blinks and mouth shapes.

Skittle Player Character

Harry did some designs for the Skittle player character, and then created the parts.

We put the parts together in Photoshop and the whole class worked together to add 3D effects to the design to make it look even better.

The Chocolate World

To make his chocolate world, Harry drew chocolate squares.

He then laid these out using the tile painting tool in Unity.

Candy Land Demo

Opens in new window. Might not play smoothly online.

Alternatively, go to our itch.io page and download your free copy (PC and Mac) now!


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