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Enabing anyone to take part in creative artistic projects and have their work exhibited, published and/or distributed:

  • to satisfy personal goals
  • for fun
  • to develop your artistic career
  • to push the boundaries of the art form
  • to be published and distributed on desktop and tablet computers

Schools and colleges

Youth groups, clubs and organisations

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Paper Dreams

Primary aged children are working with us to make a surrealism inspired video game with a sizeable grant from Arts Council England.


Speedrunning Competition!

GameCheck, Lydiard Park Academy’s video games club has designed a speedrunning version of one of their Carniville levels.

Develop/coder Dylan currently holds the record.

Can you beat him?


Our first app is out now!

google-play-badgeWell, not our app. It was written, designed, scored and coded by the young people we have been working with.

In a world where robots rule the land and humans are discarded, Binary Decoded follows the story of Pye, a fourteen year old who will discover her true identity.

app-store-badgeShe thinks she’s a new experimental robot, but her world is about to be flipped upside down, and she will find out her whole life has been a lie.

Will the authorities find her?

In this action packed interactive game, YOU WILL DECIDE!