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We were delighted by the level of publicity we got for the app and our launch event.

On the Monday following the event, coverage appeared on the website of Swindon’s Link magazine: bit.ly/PyeSwLink

And just two days later, it appeared in the Swindon Advertiser, both in the paper and on their website: bit.ly/PyeSwAd

And a week after that, a copy of the Link dropped through my letterbox with a great shot of two of the young people on the front cover!

Miss Dare, media teacher from Commonweal School:

This has been a fantastic opportunity for students. They have been given an insight into how an app is planned and developed, giving them invaluable experience working with industry experts. Students got involved in illustration, scripting, marketing and digital design and programming, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Digital Writes provided an accessible project and supportive environment for a diverse range of students. We look forward to more projects in the future!

Miss Urquhart, English teacher, Lydiard Park Academy:

I like the fact we worked with other schools, and that young people with all sorts of abilities and conditions have been able to work on it. Digital Writes’ tutors are laid back with the students, which is nice, as it’s a different approach.

Mr Mercer, teacher, Crowdys Hill Special School:

The Digital Writes project was a fantastic opportunity for students to work with professional artists and game designers to stretch their technical and creative skills in ways that’s very hard for me to do as a classroom teacher. It’s been a brilliant opportunity that I’m so glad they’ve been able to take part in.

Dylan, programming and coding:

The sessions were amazing! They were really really fun, and I really enjoyed learning how to build the app.

Emily, design:

It’s been really fun working with David [Cousens, illustrator].

Ben, writing and design:

It’s been great to find out how to create a professional app, and how much time and effort is needed to make such an advanced product.

Mya, design:

It is an amazing opportunity to be able to work on a real project. Normally the projects we do at school don’t mean much, as they are just there as tasks. It’s amazing that we can actually produce something which will be for sale in the app store. Its going to look great on my CV and college applications.


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App Launch Event

pye cutout – lighting – venue decoration – game themed cakes – excited young people – proud parents – delighted funders – press


testing Kwik – accessible coding – mentoring ability

Dialogue and Soundscape

record dialogue – add post-production effects – create soundscapes for scenes

The Junkyard

research imagery – manipulate imagery to produce design

Story and Game Development

brainstorm ideas – talk them through – shape ideas – share with other groups – review – structure and flowchart – script

Design The City

discuss commonweal’s ideas for the city – research – print – cut and paste – mood board

Pye’s Secret Workshop

mindmap ideas for pye’s workshop – design and draw the background – design and draw items for hidden object game

Choosing a Voice

learn about using tenses and voices in creative writing – evaluate and discuss – choose a voice for our game

Character and Story

design the city – develop the lead character – outline the story

Project Launch Event

what is a gamebook – choose a genre – what is that genre about – create a world for your story – create a main character for your adventure

What is a Gamebook

find out about gamebooks – try some out – decide what ours should be