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Immersive Authorship

Young people are embarking on a quest to write, illustrate and publish an interactive fantasy-adventure gamebook

A digital mockup of what the finished paperback will look like. Front cover by Jazzy. Back cover by Joel.

A Moral Paradox

You begin this fantasy adventure as an up and coming student of magic. One day, when you’re helping clean up a small flood near your school, you find Paradox, an orphaned Geminae Dragon. You and Paradox travel through many different lands to find where he came from. As you travel further, you discover that the ruler of Infernia has declared war on the other lands and you are the only one who can stop him!

On your journey you find yourself faced with choices that make you question the very
nature of your morality. In this magical world, your decisions mean everything…

If you’re aged roughly around 10 – 24, there’s a place for you on this project:

  • to help with ideas
  • to design the interactive narrative
  • to write the text
  • to improvise dialogue
  • to draw illustrations

You can work:

  • individually
  • in a small group of friends
  • in a school group

If you enjoy:

  • fantasy role-playing games
  • fantasy books or movies
  • creative writing
  • drawing

then we want to hear from you!

Our tutors – including published authors and professional artists –  are sharing real industry experience with young writers and artists during their online workshops.

If you join us, you’ll get to use your own ideas to create something exciting:

  • constructing the:
    • fantasy world
    • characters
    • settings
    • and storyline
  • designing enemies to defeat
  • creating the scenes
  • deciding the player’s options
The two versions of the grown up Paradox: unscrupulous versus moral, by Lauren

At the end of the project your work will be printed and published in a real book, with your name among the list authors, with:

  • free copies for you and your family
  • copies in the public and school libraries
  • a text-based online video game
  • copies for sale on Amazon

There will even be a fancy book launch event where you will be able to celebrate your success with your co-authors!

Don’t worry if you haven’t written or illustrated before! Just come along and join the team. Contribute as much or as little as you want. Your ideas are important.

Sign up below. (If you are under 18, please ask a parent or carer to sign up on your behalf.)

Immersive Authorship Signup Form

If the participant is under 18 a parent or carer must sign up for alerts on the participant's behalf. The appropriate options will appear depending what you choose above.
Project blogs
Some representative samples of how the project came together.

If you missed the Crowdfunder campaign but would still like to contribute, you can still do so via the PayPal button below. Thank you!

Any money you donate via this link is purely a donation: you won’t get a reward like you would have done on the Crowdfunder campaign. If you would like a copy of the book, you can buy one once it’s finished. Links will be on this page in June or July.

Guidelines for tutors

Code of Conduct for Adults Working with Children and Young People

Remote Working and Online Video Workshop Guidelines

Guidelines for Workshop Reflection

For more information and policies:

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  • go to our About page
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