Theatre of the Air is an Arts Council funded project in which participants are collaborating with our staff to create an audio drama which will be broadcast on community radio and released as a podcast.


The project is aimed at adults. Nevertheless, we’d be delighted to work with mature, thoughtful, engaged young people aged around 15 or above.

Participants can take part in any of the following ways:

  • writing
  • researching
  • acting
  • sound design
  • sound engineering
  • music
  • editing

During research and development, participants will work in groups to explore local myths, legends, mysteries, and folklore to create the various occurrences that the protagonists will investigate. Participation can span a single episode, or the entire series, as there is potential for creating recurring characters that tie in with several of the investigations. Devising scenes and taking part in research can be an ongoing role too, and is vital to the success of each episode.

As well as being funded by the Arts Council, it will also be supported by a Patreon, where listeners can subscribe to gain access to exclusive content. This means it is completely FREE for you to become a member of the Theatre of the Air company.

The series is centred around an anthropology graduate – Tamsin Wheatley – who is investigating the death of her old university tutor, Professor Henry Kneale, in 2020, after being mailed a collection of cassette tapes from the 1980s. These tapes, including interviews, field notes, and train-of-thought recordings all contribute to the ‘mystery of the week’, as well as the overarching riddle of Kneale’s disappearance. Throughout the series, Wheatley finds herself drawn deeper into a journey of discovery, questioning her own beliefs and knowledge along the way.

So if you think you might enjoy being part of this intruiging project, sign up below. (If you are under 18, please ask a parent or carer to sign up on your behalf.)

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